Oct 14

How Consumers Value Personal Data, E-commerce Experience and Branding Online

This month has seen the publication of two studies which look at the ways in which consumers are evolving their habits in a world which is increasingly focused on e-commerce. The results of each reveals just how much security and site design can play into boosting sales for businesses. Firstly, a report from Orange looking […]

Sep 14

Google Shakes Up SERPs With Data Snippets

This week Google announced that it is introducing a new facet to the way it displays search results with an official blog post outlining the arrival and potential impact of so-called ‘structured snippets’, according to Econsultancy. Data contained within web pages which relate to a product, person or particular project can be extracted algorithmically and […]

Sep 14

Thirteen Banned and Challenged Books

The article looks at thirteen books which have been banned or challenged. The infographic has a brief synopsis of each book and gives the reasons for the book being banned or challenged. There are 15 reasons in all and as you will see some of the books have multiple offences to their name. Their are […]

Aug 14

Mobile Optimised Site Uptake Increases Among Tech And Telecoms Companies

A growing number of the UK’s biggest businesses in the technology and telecoms industries have embraced mobile optimised websites as they attempt to appeal to an audience of customers for whom using smartphones and tablets to browse the web and shop is second nature. The latest report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that […]

Aug 14

Google Adopts HTTPS As A Search Ranking Signal

After many months of pushing for wider adoption of HTTPS online, Google has gone some way to making it a necessity for sites that want to optimise their sites for solid search performance, by making it a ranking signal that its algorithms will now take into consideration when formulating SERPs. HTTPS adds Transport Layer Security […]



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