We’re a results driven & ROI focused Google certified search marketing & SEO agency. With a proven track record; we’ve been delivering profitable SEO campaigns for our clients for over four years. We’re very open and transparent about the work we deliver and more importantly – the results and ROI it achieves. We’re delighted to have been recently shortlisted for the Northern Digital Awards 2015 which places our work (and the results we achieve) alongside some of the North East’s, North West’s and North Wales’s biggest and best digital marketing agencies.

Effective SEO aligns a website with Google’s quality guidelines in relation to technical; design; content and links across multiple devices including: mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Our aim is not only to achieve all of the above – but to work with you to make your search marketing & SEO profitable.

Results & ROI

We’re focused on results & ROI. We aim to deliver profitable search marketing solutions.

Proven Track Record

We have been delivering successful SEO campaigns for our clients for over 4 years.

Open & Transparent

You’ll get 24 x 7 access to work completed on your campaign to monitor completed work and progress.

30 Day Get Out Clause

We’re that confident we’ll deliver great results for you; you can leave us with 30 day’s notice at the end of any given month.

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SEO & Ecommerce SEO Services Company

With years of SEO & ecommerce SEO experience, we have developed and refined a high level technical SEO methodology that has withstood the test of time and more importantly has weathered the storm of Google’s algorithm updates. As you have to in this industry, we constantly develop our skills and knowledge by following all of the latest search engine and algorithm updates and by learning from some of the world’s leading authorities at seminars and online learning and training software. We utilise some of the world’s most advanced technical SEO tools to help maximise your ROI from SEO & ecommerce SEO.

We’re not just interested in links and keywords – we’re more bothered about your ROI – our ecommerce SEO services are designed to deliver targeted traffic that converts profitably. Our ‘cutting edge’ methodology involves providing you with a platform that satisfies all of Google’s technical quality guidelines and by combining social media and content marketing to build your domain’s authority with Google whilst gaining mass social media exposure. Please contact us for more information on our unique SEO & ecommerce SEO services.

Google Certified Partner

SEO & Ecommerce SEO Serives Company SEO & Ecommerce SEO Services Company

Our Campaigns Include:

Keyword & Competitor Research

When we start your campaign we’ll perform very detailed keyword research to ensure that you are targeting the most appropriate keywords on every single page. We’ll provide you with evidence to back up our recommendations. Understanding your competition is an integral part of what we do. We’ll benchmark where you are in relation to where you should be and also where your competitors are. We’ll assess their online activity to demonstrate and recommend the kinds of activities you should be undertaking online in order to compete.

Panda Algorithm Adherance (Onsite Optimisation)

We’ll make sure your website aligns with Google’s quality guidelines and ranking factors in relation to Design; Technical & Content (Panda Algorithm). We’ll technically optimise every single page of your website to ensure your site satisfies all ‘on-page’ optimisation requirements giving your pages the best possible chance of ranking as high as possible in the SEPRPs. Each page will undergo a thorough analysis and all necessary changes to optimise the page will be made by us. We will keep a detailed record of all pages that have been optimised throughout your campaign. We have a thorough checklist in our CRM software which will ensure that every possible thing that can be done to your webpages will be actioned.

Content Marketing

We’ll design and execute a specific content marketing strategy for your site that will engage with your target audience. We’ll personify your target market and produce unique and interesting content with the purpose of driving relevant and targeted traffic to your site that will ultimately convert. We’ll publish regular content on your blog with the aim of achieving high rankings in the SERPs driving additional, personalised and relevant traffic to your site whilst gaining brad exposure through additional social media channels.

Link Acquisition

In Google’s eyes – the only way to legitimately gain powerful links from sites with high domain authority is to produce brilliantly rich and useful content so good that other websites will want to link to it naturally. We’ll regularly produce creative, cleverly researched and visually appealing content in the form of ‘infographics’ and ‘interactive content’ that will attract high quality links from some of the world’s leading authority sites. We have a great track record of acquiring links from the likes of The Telegraph; Mashable; TV.com; and Engadget plus many others. After years of producing great content we have built up a powerful network of contacts from some of the world’s best sites.

Content Outreach & Promotion

It’s pointless publishing great content if it’s not seen or heard by anyone. We’ll carefully research where your audience hangs out and we’ll reach out to them telling them about your content using a variety of channels such as email; social media platforms and even the telephone where applicable. Regular promotion and outreach is essential to build up momentum in terms of brand exposure, reputation and link acquisition. The more people who can view your content the better.

Penguin Algorithm Adherance (Link Profile Clean Up)

As well as producing brilliant content to attract links it’s essential we keep your link profile in line with Google’s Penguin algorithm which assesses the quality and nature of your link profile. All webpages attract links naturally whether they are good or bad. One bad link to your website can harm your rankings or even penalise your site. Monthly Link Healthcheck – each month we’ll use a sophisticated software tool to assess your link profile for toxic; suspicious and safe links. Each link will be dealt with accordingly and appropriately ensuring your links adhere to Google’s Penguin algorithm.

Reporting & ROI Analysis

We’re very open and transparent about the work we deliver and the results it achieves. You will be given access to a collaborative folder of documents and reports in the cloud that is accessed by every member of our team working on your campaign. Each and every activity that we perform is recorded so you can constantly monitor our progress. We’ll provide you with very detailed ranking data, competitor analysis data, link data and social media metrics monitoring. Everything we do is extremely quantifiable and measurable. These reports are updated once a month and then published to the cloud and are accessible 24 x 7. Performance against ROI objects will also be emailed once a month.

What Our Clients Say…

Pixa Prints

We started with no exposure and due to their expertise and working closely with our software team they implemented the strategy they had set out. From starting with no orders or exposure the site within a relatively short space of time began to gain momentum. Orders continued to trickle in and then from approx. October 2014 we started to see a huge influx of orders flowing in daily. The orders processed up until Christmas rose to approx. 6000 orders from customers all over the UK and Ireland marketplace. Integrity Search as they have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone. Too often companies are promised everything by web marketing companies only to find they cannot deliver and we have had experience of this, but not with Integrity. In summary it is great to have them on board and we will continue to use their services as they deliver a high class service at a realistic cost.

Glenn Sands
Sales Director

What’s In Our FREE 33 Point Technical SEO Audit Checklist?

Google Quality Guideline Check – we’ll test your website against Google’s quality guidelines in relation to design; technical and content.

Panda Algorithm Analysis (On-site) – we’ll assess your whole site against Google’s Panda algorithm to determine what ‘on-site’ or ‘on-page’ changes are required.

Penguin Algorithm Analysis (Links) – using sophisticated software and years of experience removing ‘Penguin’ and ‘manual’ link penalties; we will assess your existing link profile to identify toxic, suspicious and clean links.

Competitor Analysis – a detailed competitor and gap analysis will benchmark your site against some of the leading brands and websites in your sector.

Social Media Analysis – your social media landscape and activity will be benchmarked against that of your competition.

Conversion Rate Analysis – we will analyse your conversion rate against industry metrics (where applicable) to identify improvements that could be made to your conversion funnel.

Strategic SEO Road Map – our free audit will offer a clear & concise strategic SEO ‘road map’ of all the activities required to improve your sites performance & ROI.

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SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company

SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company

SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company

SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company

SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company

SEO & E-commerce SEO Services Company