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We help brands and entrepreneurs across the globe launch, grow and scale their e-commerce businesses with the world's most technically advanced Shopify themes for SEO, Digital Marketing Services & Online Training Courses.

Established 2010

Who We Are

We're an award winning team of Shopify & Marketing experts that are passionate about e-commerce. We help brands and entrepreneurs grow their businesses online, all over the world with clients and students in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands. E-commerce has evolved and so have we, and the services we provide.

What we do


We provide a range of services, themes and online training courses to help you grow your e-commerce business.


Learn how to launch, grow and scale your e-commerce business with our extensive range of Shopify services, themes and online training courses.

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Maximize your brand's visibility in the search engines with our award winning e-commerce SEO services.

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Connect with consumers at multiple moments & touch-points throughout the purchasing cycle with paid search advertising.

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What We Can Do For You

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We'll teach you the basic fundamentals of e-commerce business growth strategies through educational content and guides.


We'll show you how to launch an e-commerce business with STEP by STEP guides, instructions, tutorials and support.


We'll show you how to grow your e-commerce business with award winning e-commerce marketing strategies, processes and proven methodologies.


We'll show you how to scale your business & profits with with e-mail marketing and sales funnel automation.


We'll provide you with a range of Shopify training courses and tutorials to help you execute your marketing strategies.


We'll support you throughout your e-commerce journey with free theme upgrades, online documentation, tools and resources and email support.


Where necessary, we'll step in and provide you with a range of agency services to help you achieve your e-commerce business goals.

Proven Processes

Our processes have a proven track record of delivering up to a 7-figure growth within just 10 months [not typical results].

Results That Matter

Awards & Accreditations

We have consistently been recognised for delivering results for our clients since 2010.

Featured Blog Posts

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Shopify has over 800,000 subscribers using their e-commerce platform and yet it still has a number of common technical SEO issues. Great for multi-channel retailing but not perfect for organic performance. Here’s a list of the main technical SEO issues with Shopify and a recommended Shopify Theme that overcomes them.

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We’ve been re-engineering Shopify themes for fashion to help them perform better in the search engines for the last few years. We got tired of unraveling other people’s technical mess that hindered SEO so we embarked upon a journey to build the best SEO performing Shopify themes for clothing & fashion in the world.


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