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Award Winning SEO Agency

A North East based SEO Agency servicing clients across our region in Middlesbrough & Stockton as well as the rest of the UK. We’ve been helping local, regional and national brands of all sizes achieve their digital marketing and SEO objectives with our award winning, performance & results driven services since 2010. We have an extensive range of SEO services suitable for any size and type of business from Technical SEO to Link Building and from SEO Audits to SEO Training & Support. Please read below to find out which service is right for your business.

SEO Audit, Health-check & diagnostics

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Our site wide, high level SEO audit, health-check and diagnostics report will crawl every single URL of your site identify all technical SEO issues that are hindering your sites performance in the search engines in order to boost your sites visibility, rankings, traffic & conversions. We’ll assess your site to see how well it is aligned with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors and we’ll assess your current link profile to determine what kind of link building strategy is required in order for your to compete on the first pages of Google & other search engines.

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E-Commerce SEO

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Our specialist E-commerce SEO service is designed to boost rankings, visibility, traffic and conversions to help you grow your online business. We’re experts in helping online retailers achieve superior organic performance and revenue growth. We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands in their sectors and have worked with and have improved the performance of every e-commerce platform we’ve worked with.

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Local SEO

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Our local SEO service is designed to boost your brand’s visibility across your local region so that you generate more leads for your business via the ‘organic’ search results. We’ll optimise your site for all devices including mobiles, tablets and desktop devices. We’ll put your brand in front of potential customers who are looking for exactly what you do, where you do it and more importantly – when they need it.

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Creative Content

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Increase organic traffic and attract high quality links to your site with our strategic content marketing service. We’ll provide answers to questions that your potential customers are asking along the purchasing funnel.  We’ll drive targeted traffic that influences decisions along the purchasing cycle, and we’ll produce content that your peers will want to link to.

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Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO Agency simplifies the SEO process and talks in a language that will resonate with most. It’s simple when you know how; we’ll align your website as best and as quickly we can with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors.  We focus on TECHNICAL SEO, WEBSITE DESIGN, CONTENT MARKETING & LINKS. Other than your competition; these are the major factors that influence a site’s ability to maximise its performance and rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We’re extremely ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ about the SEO work that we deliver on a monthly basis for our clients.  We’ll document all SEO performed for your brand and we’ll report on the results it achieves.

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‘Links’ are still one of the most important SEO factors that influence where your sites’ pages rank in the search engines. Since 2010; we have built up a ‘unique’ and ‘extensive’ database of 1000’s and 1000’s of high quality, high authority websites and blogs in every sector we’ve worked in. Our reputation and relationships with these sites and publishers means that we can earn links faster than most.


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We offer bespoke SEO Training, Consultancy & SEO Support Packages to suit the needs of your business. Our SEO training empowers your ‘in-house’ staff with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve your ‘SEO’ objectives; giving you [the business owner] piece of mind, knowing that everything they do, is being overseen by SEO experts with support on hand if they need it.

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Paid Search

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If managed correctly, ‘paid search’ or PPC can be an extremely profitable channel for conversions. We have substantial experience in maximising our clients ROI from their AdWords spend. Our data-driven PPC services include Search, Shopping, Display, Re-targeting & Mobile.  We’re A Google Partner with ‘Elavator’ status which means we’ve been recognised by Google for consistently delivering high levels of performance and ROI for our clients. Click the link below to find out more about our PPC services including our offer of a free campaign analysis & consultation.

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Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. Without it – your brand doesn’t have a voice online. If your business isn’t reaching out to, talking to and engaging with your potential customers where they hang-out online – then you’re behind the competition.  Learn more about our social media marketing services and our social media ‘competitor’ landscape audit & report which benchmarks your social audience, activity and engagement against your top competitors by clicking the link below.

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Website Design

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Are you tired of an under performing website & agency? Do you want to ‘own’ your own website that you can move for a very small cost? Sick of expensive tweaks and changes?  Do you want a website engineered by search engine experts? Do you want to work with a company that can offer you an extremely personalised service? Align your website with search engine algorithms, Google’s quality guidelines and their 200+ known ranking factors for maximum performance in the search engines with a website designed and engineered by Integrity Search.  Put ‘search’ first – not last.

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What can we do for you?

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First of all we’ll discuss your problems, issues and objectives. We’ll ascertain a detailed understanding of your business and your brand. We’ll then provide you with a detailed audit, health-check and diagnostics of your current ‘organic’ position in relation to where you are and where you want to be. We’ll research your marketplace, your ‘site-wide’ keyword strategy and we’ll analyse the competition to identify opportunities for improving your rankings, traffic & conversions. We’ll design and execute an SEO campaign specific to your brand. We’ll provide you with detailed monthly ‘real-time’ activity & performance reports. We’ll analyse the data with you and then we’ll re-engineer your campaign for the month ahead. More importantly – we’ll deliver results.

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We’re passionate about the results we achieve for our clients.  Here’s a sample of some of the brands we’re working with..

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Gabriel Ash
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They provide innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to achieving an even better ROI in the future. The service they provide is second to none and the results so far impressive.


In just 8 weeks we have already seen a 22.6% increase in organic traffic and nearly a 30% increase in Google organic revenue; so far we’re very happy with the results!


Integrity Search have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone.

PIXA PRINTS, Glenn Sands

Working with Kristin and the Integrity Search Team have already elevated our success across the platforms within such a short period of time. We are confident the growth will only continue to excel and very happy to be trusting our business to such a professional and hands on company!


At a time of many simultaneous developments on our site, the team at Integrity Search understood our requirements from the very first day and some of the main challenges we had have been improved considerably. So far, I’m happy with the active hands-on approach and results should keep following.

SKANDIUM, Juan Castells
Thankfully, the days of being assigned copious amounts of account managers and having to use an impersonal and time consuming ticketing system have gone, working with Integrity Search means dealing directly with Kristin and his expert team of marketers in a speedy, insightful and impactful manner. If growth is your main business objective, then Integrity Search really is incomparable to any other Digital marketing company/web designers we have ever dealt with and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.


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