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Automotive & Car Dealership SEO

We’re an award winning, Automotive & Car Dealer SEO Agency based in the North East that specialises in delivering higher organic rankings, traffic, leads & conversions through innovative Automotive Website design. Achieving high rankings locally on Google has become increasingly difficult over the years and one of the hardest, most complex and most competitive industries on the internet for local SEO, is car dealerships. We have a deep and meaningful understanding of the automotive sector and have a proven track record for delivering results.

Digital influences near 60% of vehicle purchases at the dealerships, and that digital influence is even stronger when it comes to post-purchase service.

Deloitte Digital Influence Survey, 2016

Superior Organic Performance.

Achieve higher local rankings, traffic, leads and sales through your own website, with a ‘tailored’ SEO campaign for your dealership that maximises your brand’s exposure in Google and other search engines such as Bing & Yahoo. Automotive & Car dealer SEO will help advertise your business, its services and your stock-list to potential buyers in your area. It’s pointless having a website if no-one can find it.

Valuable Insights.

Gain valuable data and insights into user behaviour, purchasing cycles and conversion funnels to maximise your digital performance in the search engines. Understanding your audience, its acquisition, behaviour and conversion patterns will help influence digital marketing strategies.

Reduce Advertising Costs.

Driving more traffic, leads and sales for your dealership through ‘organic’ search, will undoubtedly help you reduce your ‘non-performing’ advertising budget. We’ll help you invest your advertising budget wisely by ‘culling’ any poor performing ‘on’ or ‘off-line’ advertising channels.

Campaign Re-engineering.

Our automotive & car dealer SEO service will give you ‘instant’ access to sophisticated reporting & analysis dashboards on all of your digital marketing channels. We’ll summarise your SEO campaign data for you monthly – into digestible information packets for simple interpretation – and more importantly – the results it has achieved.


Our SEO philosophy is quite simple. We’ll align your website with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors to help your brand engage with and influence as many ‘potential buyers’ possible.

up to 40% funding.

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