Job title: Content Marketing Specialist


Having a Google My Business page is a fantastic opportunity to place your company in front of potential customers and also a great tool to help reinforce your brand to an online market. Your My Business listing not only will appear whenever any searches for your business on Google but it will also appear in the Google Map listings when somebody searches in your area. (more…)

Having customers leave reviews on Google is an excellent way to show your the high level of service your business provides and can help separate you from your competition. Google displays your average review score alongside your listings on their search engine so it can be a great way to encourage browsers to click on your listing.

You can also use this review system to show how well you handle customer complaints as it allows you to respond to all reviews left on your page. Every review left should be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate the amazing customer service your business provides. (more…)

Making our clients happy and helping their businesses grow is the driving force behind Integrity Search, and when we get recognised for all of our hard work and efforts makes the late nights and early mornings completely and utterly worth it.

Integrity Search Client Review (more…)

A little later than anticipated but our annual e-commerce performance results are finally published. 2015 was a record-breaking year for us here at Integrity Search with all of our clients seeing  substantial growth from all of our hard work and efforts. Our record-breaking results for 2015 were even picked up by Google themselves on not one, but two separate occasions! (more…)