We know how confusing SEO can be to people especially the on page side of the business. Many businesses that we talk to have no idea on the impact of on page SEO and how getting this right can really get your website moving in the right direction. We have found 5 infographics which provide great pieces of advice for how to structure a web page and the key SEO elements to focus on. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the confusion that people face with on page SEO. (more…)

We have put together the social media statistics for the 2015 General Election. The infographic shows the social audience, activity and engagement for each of the major parties. We have also included a section looking the social gains of the conservative party since their victory in the general election. Each graph makes interesting reading and shows which parties focused on which platforms, but more importantly it indicates the role social media will play in future general elections. (more…)

Everyone is on social media nowadays, so naturally it makes sense for your business to be on social media too;┬átaking advantage of the extra exposure to new potential customers. Below we have placed 7 infographics designed to help you make the most of each of the main social media platforms around. (more…)

This infographic is a follow up of 2013’s Christmas Supermarket Ads infographic where we compared the success of the six biggest supermarket ads to find the winner, 2013’s winner was John Lewis with ‘the bear and the hear’. (more…)

This infographic is a flat version of our periodic table of eCommerce success factors. The periodic table is inspired by searchengineland.com’s periodic table of SEO success factors. The table also uses factors mentioned in Moz’s article – Choosing an SEO friendly eCommerce platform. The table is broken down into four categories content, technical, design and conversions. These four categories provide the backbone to a successful eCommerce platform. You can use this table to check what your current platform currently has and is missing to give you a further insight into the limitations of your current platform. (more…)