Many potential clients come to us to improve their visibility on paid search. We provide them with a detailed analysis of their existing online campaign and work with them to understand which areas are yielding a strong ROI. Using this information, we can maximise visibility online on these areas that are already targeted, improving ROI while expanding onto new areas, gaining trust in delivering a profitable search marketing campaign. (more…)

Let’s start with the basics – what is quality score?

So this is the mysterious score that Google gives to every keyword in your AdWords account to depending on how relevant it feels that it is. (more…)

Although every campaign is different there are a few key checks for auditing your AdWords campaign to make sure it produces measurable, scalable and profitable results. We all want to get the best ROI possible from AdWords so we’ve put together this self help  ‘How To Do An AdWords PPC Audit in 7 Steps & Improve Your AdWords Account’ to help you do just that.