Correctly having tracking set up on your website will give you access to vital information about your visitors and how they interact with your site. Re-engineering the data from your ecommerce tracking can help to improve the performance of all aspects of your website. From finding out visitor numbers to each of your landing pages to knowing which traffic source is your most profitable. (more…)

You’re an e-commerce business owner and you have an SEO agency.  You ask yourself all of the time how well are they actually doing and how should you judge and measure their success?  No doubt agencies will argue as to what key metrics and performance indicators should be reported on monthly, but here’s what we report on at Integrity Search.  When it comes to SEO, we’re exceptionally open and transparent about the results & ROI that we deliver for our clients.  With these monthly interactive SEO reports; there’s simply no place for us to hide. (more…)

One of the things that can be done when promoting a client is to create an infographic and get it shared across as many websites and social media platforms as possible, this is done to boost the link equity of your website, the more relevant infographics featured on a client’s website, the greater the chances of getting the link promoted on other sites across the Internet. We have put together 10 steps to help you maximize your chances of promoting your client’s infographic. (more…)

As you may have been aware on the 21st April 2015 Google released their mobile friendly ranking algorithm. The algorithm was designed to improve the organic rankings of sites which are mobile friendly within Google’s mobile search results. It was estimated the full impact of the algorithm would take around a week or so to influence organic mobile site rankings. (more…)

We know how confusing SEO can be to people especially the on page side of the business. Many businesses that we talk to have no idea on the impact of on page SEO and how getting this right can really get your website moving in the right direction. We have found 5 infographics which provide great pieces of advice for how to structure a web page and the key SEO elements to focus on. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the confusion that people face with on page SEO. (more…)