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Transactions Increase (%)

Conversion Increase (%)

AOV Increase (%)

The Situation

Client X are now a market leading ecommerce health and beauty brand supplying a niche product to consumers across the globe.  They wish to remain anonymous as they are simply that scared that their competitors will approach us and do the same for them.

International Paid Search & Social Case Study

The Challenge

Client X approached us when their online market was limited to just the UK.  We were approached to help their ecommerce business grow using ‘paid search’ as this is something that the business had tried to do ‘in-house’ previously’ and had been unsuccessful.

Creativity & Implementation

We re-built their UK paid search campaign in areas which were totally necessary such as, keyword, market and competitor research, campaign growth objectives, structure and budget KPI’s, wastage reduction strategy, customer engagement, re-targeting and brand awareness.

After maximising ROI and profitability here in the UK on Google’s search network we quickly identified opportunities to expand and translate the campaign into 9 additional countries and languages where site engagement and traffic was high.  Once profitability and ROI was maximised in these 9 countries we then moved into exploring other high converting global channels and search engines such as Bing and Yahoo in again, 9 different languages country by country.

We’re now in the process of building brand awareness and exploring new audiences with the use of video YouTube advertising and paid social initially here in the UK.

Client X Results

Results Achieved

In the last 11 months we have delivered phenomenal online business growth for our client:

406. 74% Sales Growth (£767,510.71 vs £151,461.45)

357.10% Increase in Transactions (25,689 vs 5,620)

76.75% Conversion Rate (2.56% v 1.45%)

10.86% AOV (£29.88 vs £26.95)

Client Testimoninal

“I’m always happy to invest more with Integrity as they consistently deliver a return on the money I spend with them. 

Mr X – Co Founder

North East Business Awards Teesside Winner 2015
North East Business Awards Teesside Finalist 2015
Google Shopping Campaign Management
Google Shopping Campaign Management

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