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The Situation

Digital Marketing for Builders Merchants & DIY Businesses Case Study.  We have been working with an extremely well known builders merchant that has over 30 branches in the UK since 2014.  This particular builders merchant wishes to remain anonymous because we have achieved that much growth for them over the last few years – they simply don’t want other businesses to know who has helped them achieve it.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was helping a traditionally ‘local tradesman’ based business explore and open up new markets online. Online sales in the UK exceed £130 Billion in 2016 and is expected to increase by around 14% in 2017 ( Gardening & DIY accounts for one of the largest sectors where this money is spent and represents a huge opportunity for business growth for those willing to embrace and invest in this specific online digital marketing sector.

The brand had already decided to enter into this marketplace by investing heavily into a well known e-commerce platform that would allow them to market their products to a new audience online – all it needed to do next was to find a digital marketing agency that had years of experience and expertise in performance driven digital marketing with a proven track record for delivering results & ROI in the Home Improvement & DIY Sector. Through word of mouth; Integrity Search was chosen.

Creativity & Implementation

We deliver a highly complex ‘integrated’ digital marketing campaign that focuses on the three primary (and most profitable channels) for conversions: organic, paid and social.

Through organic search – we deliver and execute a high level ‘technical’ SEO campaign that constantly re-engineers and aligns our client’s website with Google’s quality guidelines (technical, design, content & links), algorithms and known ranking factors. This gives every page of their site the very best possibility of being indexed; crawled and ranked as high as possible.

We deliver a highly sophisticated ‘on’ and ‘off’ site content & social media marketing campaign that raises the brand’s profile, increases its audience and attracts high quality powerful links from some of the world’s biggest sites in its sector.

We also deliver a three tiered ‘paid search’ campaign that targets new and existing customers across all mobile and desktop devices including search, shopping, mobile & retargeting advertising campaigns.

Results Achieved

Our highly sophisticated conversion tracking and data analysis software allows us to quantifiably measure the progress and performance of each campaign and specifically acquisition via each channel and how user behaviour the ‘purchasing cycle’ and ‘conversion funnel’.  The results we achieved since working with this brand since 2014 speak for themselves:

digital marketing for builders merchants & DIY

Organic Revenue Growth = 4039%

Paid Search Revenue Growth = 3018%

Overall Site Revenue Growth = 3617%

Monthly Return On Advertising Spend = 1247%

Client Testimoninal

“We have just launched the next phase of our e-commerce business and Integrity have held our hand when needed and given us the confidence to look at projects we previously wouldn’t consider for our brand.”

Director – Anonymous

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