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The Situation

We were approached by Pixa Prints back in March 2014 when they were looking for a specialist ecommerce digital marketing agency.  They found us at the top of Google for ‘ecommerce SEO company’ and ‘ecommerce SEO agency and subsequently got in touch.

Pixaprints.ie specialises in printing personalised photo gifts on a range products including canvas; mugs and drinkware, phone and tablet cases, photo-books, coasters, jigsaws and teddy bears etc.  The brand had just launched its Irish site some months after launching its UK version on www.pixaptints.co.uk.  No kind of online marketing had been done on the site and it had no exposure in any of the search engines with no sales and no revenue.

Pixa Prints

The Challenge

We were tasked with gaining as much exposure as possible on the first pages of Google in the organic search results for all services offered by the site.  This traffic needed to be keyword targeted in order to drive conversions and revenue.  As this was a relatively new site no specific objectives were set for increasing conversion rates or revenue targets as there was no benchmark data or site statistics to work with in terms of delivering key ROI metrics.

Priority was to drive as much targeted traffic to the site in the natural search results and work with key site metrics and data once this had been achieved. Pixa Prints were aware that the printing industry was an extremely competitive marketplace whether in the UK or Ireland so they knew this was going to be a 12 month plan and a big challenge to enter the market and start capturing market share in the form of revenue.

As with all new sites less than a year old; the challenge to get a site performing in the search engines and to convert is always difficult.  New sites are always way behind their competitors when it comes to exposure; rankings; domain authority and quality – ultimately all things required to compete on the first pages of Google.  Competitors could have spent years and years investing significant amounts of time effort and money in achieving revenue generating positions on the first pages of Google – it’s impossible to compete with them overnight.


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Creativity & Implementation

The first thing we did was to analyse and audit Pixa Prints site.  Our free technical SEO audits give us a very detailed and accurate account of where a site sits in relation to Google’s quality guidelines (technical; design and content).  Ultimately we’re assessing a site against all of Google’s algorithms and are identifying opportunities where we can improve optimisation – both on and off site. We’re analysing the competition to what level of work is required to compete on the first pages and are developing a strategic road map to achieve online marketing objectives.

We executed an SEO strategy that aligned their website as best and as quickly as we could with Google’s technical, design and content guidelines; fixing all issues that lead to every single page of their website being crawled and indexed on all mobiles; tablets, devices and desktops.  As all sites do (unbeknown to Pixa Prints) they had picked up lots of unnatural links that would damage our ability to achieve the best possible rankings in the search engines when we started to build their domain authority so their link profile need cleaning as soon as possible.

A content and social media marketing strategy was designed to attract links from some of the world’s biggest websites (with the highest domain authorities) whilst gaining mass social media exposure and brand awareness.  Anyone can build a social media following but building a targeted audience that engages and converts profitably. We personified their target market and produced brilliantly unique content (visual and written) that naturally attracted scores of high quality links from industry relevant websites that help boost domain authority quickly.

Using social media platforms: we partnered with industry leading blogs running a completion to build up a mass social following in just days.

Search Engine Optimisation

Results Achieved

We achieved over 40+ page 1 rankings on Google within 6 months for nearly every service that they provided including their top level search terms such as ‘canvas prints’ and ‘canvas printing’.  This lead to:

Organic month on month traffic increased by 3225%

Sales Revenue up 390%

31% Conversion rate (May 2015)

Competition Reach

Entrants: 6,548 in 3 days

Facebook Reach: 657,000 users

Twitter Reach: 1,773,000 users

Google+ Reach: 2,724,000 users

 As a result of our success over the last year we have recently taken on the digital marketing for the UK Pixa Prints site and another ecommerce printing brand owned by ER-Media ‘Need A Print’ again with a site both in the UK and Ireland.

Client Testimoninal

Our company ER-media is involved in the print and I.T industry operating various websites selling our product range online. We recently looked at setting up an online personalisation gift site under the brand Pixaprints. Having registered www.pixaprints.co.uk and .ie. we approached Integrity Search who we had used for our commercial print site www.needaprint.co.uk. They had already proved to be extremely successful with that site so we asked them to look at Pixaprints. They took the site and give us a complete in-depth report and a clear route plan to give the site maximum exposure within our limited budget. We started with no exposure and due to their expertise and working closely with our software team they implemented the strategy they had set out. From starting with no orders or exposure the site within a relatively short space of time began to gain momentum. Orders continued to trickle in and then from approx. October 2014 we started to see a huge influx of orders flowing in daily. The orders processed up until Christmas rose to approx. 6000 orders from customers all over the UK and Ireland marketplace. We are now going forward with other projects with Integrity Search as they have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a no nonsense and credible service which we would recommend to anyone. Too often companies are promised everything by web marketing companies only to find they cannot deliver and we have had experience of this, but not with Integrity. In summary it is great to have them on board and we will continue to use their services as they deliver a high class service at a realistic cost.

Glenn Sands – Director

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Google Shopping Campaign Management

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