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Advanced SEO Audit, Health-check & Diagnostics

iSOur advanced SEO audits give us a fabulous insight into how well your site is aligned with algorithms, quality guidelines and known ranking factors but more importantly; it identifies opportunities for improving your ‘organic’ visibility and performance in the search engines. It also provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate our skills; knowledge and expertise in the subject of SEO to you the client. Straight talking, jargon free expert advice on how to improve organic rankings.


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We’ll use a unique and sophisticated software toolset to assess your current standing against major algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors.


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We’ll assess the technical design of your site to ensure that it meets the necessary standards & quality guidelines to facilitate maximum performance in the search engines.


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We’ll manually assess your sites content in great detail to see how well it is optimised and if there are any opportunities for improvement.


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The number and quality of links pointing to your site are one the major influencers of rankings in the search engines. One bad link pointing to your site can harm your rankings. We’ll assess the quality of your link profile and will identify toxic, suspicious & safe links.

Our Approach & Methodology

Using our unique, sophisticated software toolset – we’ll crawl and analyse up to 10,000 pages of your site to identify issues that if fixed, will improve your sites performance in the search engines. We’ll also manually assess your site against Google’s 200+ known ranking factors and quality guidelines.

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They provide innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to achieving an even better ROI in the future. The service they provide is second to none and the results so far impressive.


In just 8 weeks we have already seen a 22.6% increase in organic traffic and nearly a 30% increase in Google organic revenue; so far we’re very happy with the results!


Integrity Search have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone.

PIXA PRINTS, Glenn Sands

Working with Kristin and the Integrity Search Team have already elevated our success across the platforms within such a short period of time. We are confident the growth will only continue to excel and very happy to be trusting our business to such a professional and hands on company!


At a time of many simultaneous developments on our site, the team at Integrity Search understood our requirements from the very first day and some of the main challenges we had have been improved considerably. So far, I’m happy with the active hands-on approach and results should keep following.

SKANDIUM, Juan Castells

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