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Protect Rankings, Traffic & Conversions

iSProtect your Rankings, Traffic & Conversions with our website migration service. Migrating a website from one domain or from one platform to another is an extremely difficult and highly technical process. Over time; your site will have built up a certain level of ‘authority’ with Google which is why your site appears where it does in the search engines and why it generates the traffic that does in order to convert. Our job is to protect that as much as possible and minimise the risk migrating your site from one to another.

Protecting your existing levels of rankings, traffic and conversions is essential for minimising the loss of revenue during any migration process. With years of experience of working with Google at an advanced technical level; we have streamlined a web migration process that will minimise both the risk and the impact of any kind of web migration.

Audit & Diagnostics

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We’ll analyse your development URL and will advise and report on anything we believe to be a cause for concern during the migration process from old to new. We will provide a comprehensive list of questions for your developers.

Heirarchical Structure

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We’ll assess your new site structure against your old one to ensure that old traffic generating pages are not lost or that new pages will cause conflicts or Google penalties.

URL Structure Optimisation

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Changing the url structure of your site is a major issue and will undoubtedly cause some loss of rankings, traffic and conversions for a period of time. Our job will be to minimise this time as much as possible by advising and consulting on the new url structure of the site for optimum performance in the search engines.

Page & Domain Authority Transfer

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Since your domain was registered; your site has building up an ‘authority’ with Google which is why your current site is ranking where it is: Losing this ‘authority’ would have a catastrophic effect on your rankings and traffic. We will minimise the loss throughout the whole of the site.

Optimisation Code Transfer

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We will ensure that all technical code that is in your existing site is transferred to the new one. This will ensure that there are no sudden drops in traffic or loss of rankings due to code being missed in the transfer.

Priority Content

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Analysing the existing and new site structure will determine any content that will be lost that will have a negative impact on your current rankings in the search engines. A reduction in ‘on-site’ content could harm your standing with Google. Every page of the new site will need to be analysed and dealt with accordingly.

Pre-launch Analysis

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We’ll perform a detailed ‘pre-launch’ analysis against everything that we have advised and consulted on ensuring a seamless migration process between the old and the new.

Post-launch Analysis

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We’ll perform a detailed ‘pre-launch’ analysis against everything that we have advised and consulted on ensuring a seamless migration process between the old and the new.


They provide innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to achieving an even better ROI in the future. The service they provide is second to none and the results so far impressive.


In just 8 weeks we have already seen a 22.6% increase in organic traffic and nearly a 30% increase in Google organic revenue; so far we’re very happy with the results!


Integrity Search have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone.

PIXA PRINTS, Glenn Sands

Working with Kristin and the Integrity Search Team have already elevated our success across the platforms within such a short period of time. We are confident the growth will only continue to excel and very happy to be trusting our business to such a professional and hands on company!


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