Maximise your organic sales and revenue with our award winning SEO service for ecommerce websites. Our clients typically see a 163% uplift in organic revenue within 12 months [based on a 3 year average between 2016-2018].

We’ve been helping retailers maximise revenue from organic since 2010. We have a vast amount of experience of re-engineering the world’s most commonly used ecommerce platforms for maximum performance in the search engines such as Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce & WooCommerce. Our ecommerce SEO service will help you:

  • Maximise Brand Visibility
  • Increase Rankings
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Organic Sales & Revenue

Our Approach To Ecommerce SEO

We try our best to simplify the complex ecommerce SEO process for retail and we try to talk in a language that you’ll understand. Our methodology ensure’s we maximise your store’s visibility, rankings, traffic and organic sales revenue. It isn’t just about aligning your website with Google’s algorithms, 200+ ranking factors and quality guidelines anymore, there’s now an infinite number of factors that can differ for every user, moment, location, query, device and vertical.

#1 Technical SEO

The things that we can do to your website and the technology it’s built in to achieve the above. Google [like other search engines] has a common set of quality guidelines, algorithms and known ranking factors that influence how well your online store is crawled, indexed and ranked by the search engines. Technically aligning your ecommerce platform with these is essential. These are the foundations for any successful SEO campaign.

#2 Design & UX

Your store’s design and its architecture has an enormous influence on how well your store’s URL’s can rank in the search engines.  Google’s sophisticated algorithms can detect a poorly designed and built ecommerce store. Large stores have the complexity of dealing with faceted navigation, category hierarchical structures, filters and what not to index. Google’s ‘mobile-first indexing’ algorithm update [March 2018], now penalises stores for not providing a quality UX on mobile devices. The list goes on. We’ll keep your store up to date with Google’s ‘best practices’ and ‘quality guidelines’ so you don’t have to.

#3 Content

Generating expert, quality content that answers a users ‘intent’ is essential for maximising your store’s brand and product page visibility. Structured data and markup language is essential for ecommerce. Your ‘on-page’ and ‘on-site’ content strategy needs to be meticulously designed and executed to have maximum impact in the search engines whilst enhancing your multi-channel strategy, not hindering it, like so many retailers do. Our content marketing plans will help you do just that.

#4 Links

Links are still one of the most important SEO factors that influence where your sites’ pages rank in the search engines. Even one toxic link pointing to your site can harm your rankings. Over the years we have built up a ‘unique’ and ‘extensive’ database of 1000’s and 1000’s of high quality, high authority website and blog contacts in every sector we’ve worked in. Our reputation and relationships with these sites and publishers simply means that we can earn links faster than most.

“At a time of many simultaneous developments on our site, the team at Integrity Search understood our requirements from the very first day and some of the main challenges we had have been improved considerably. I’m very happy with the active hands-on approach and results should keep following.

Juan Castellas, Ecommerce Manager – SKANDIUM

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