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Algorithm Aligned Website Design- AAP™


Are you tired of an under performing website?
Do you want to own your own website that you can move if you weren’t happy with your digital marketing agency for a small fee?
Are you fed up of hidden costs?
Are you fed up with being charged a fortune for small changes?
Do you want to work with an agency that is actually bothered about how your site performs in the search engines once it goes live?
Do you want a website that is technically aligned with Google’s algorithms & 200+ known ranking factors?
Do you want to work with an agency that wins awards for the results that they achieve for their clients?
Do you want a website engineered by search engine experts not web designers?

If so; then please get in touch because we’d like to hear from you…


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All of our web designs, whether they are e-commerce or not are ‘algorithm aligned’ for maximum performance in the search engines.  We configure our design’s to satisfy all of Google’s quality guidelines, algorithms and 200+ known ranking factors so your site is optimised for the search engines from the ground up from day one.

E-commerce Website Design

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Our ‘multi-channel’ e-commerce web designs are built to perform across all digital channels and devices.  Our designs are ”digitally’ focused for multi-channel operations, performance & ROI.

Web Design Example – Gabriel Ash

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Gabriel Ash were a client in need of a website revamp. What we provided for them was a modern, clean, bespoke design running on a state of the art eCommerce platform using our AAP framework.

Bespoke App Design

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We also create apps for your website, should your business need it, such as this bespoke Greenhouse Builder for Gabriel Ash.

Responsive Design

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Your site’s design will adapt to whatever desktop, mobile or tablet device its is accessed from. A design that performs on all devices is essential for multi-channel operations.

Our Approach & Methodology

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Most web design agencies will not take responsibility for how well your site performs in the search engines once they’ve finished. We do.  Don’t make the mistake of paying for a website twice. Don’t pay once to have it designed and built; then have to pay a company like ours to ‘re-engineer’ it so that it performs in the search engines the way it should.

Social Media Integration

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Social media is essential for brand exposure, content marketing and for link acquisition.  All of our sites are seamlessly integrated with all of your necessary social channels.

Bootstrap Technology

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Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.  Our sites are built using the latest version to ensure maximum performance on all devices.

Integrated Blog

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All of our sites come with an integrated publishing platform (blog) to allow you to publish, syndicate and promote content across your social channels.  According to Google; the only safe way of acquiring links is to publish brilliant content that other sites wish to link to.

Bespoke Design

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We’ll custom build each site to your specific requirements and brand guidelines. We’ll guide you on the latest designs and best practices to ensure your site performs. Our wire frames have been tested for maximum conversions.

Algorithm Aligned – AAP™

We have been technically re-engineering websites to improve their performance in the search engines since we started back in 2010. It’s the first phase of SEO and accounts for around 50% of the SEO process. Google has over 200 known ranking factors and it starts with your website design. We have turned the ‘website design’ process on its head and have developed web solutions that are technically aligned with Google’s latest algorithms, quality guidelines and ranking factors. It’s called AAPTM – Algorithm Aligned Platform. We think about performance in the search engines first and then design second. Why wouldn’t you? That’s what a website is for isn’t it?

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On-Page Optimization

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Each page of your site will be technically optimised with the latest quality guidelines & known ranking factors to help each page achieve the highest possible rankingsin the search engines.

Optimised Page Layouts

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Optimised page layouts and designs will improve your levels of conversions.  Over the years we have tested many designs, layouts and structures and we know which designs will convert and which won’t.  We”ll ensure your page layouts are correct for your product or service for maximum conversions.

Website Migration

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Protect your rankings, traffic & conversions with strategic website migration project. Migrating a website from one domain or from one platform to another is an extremely difficult and highly technical process.  Unfortunately most web design agencies are not search engine experts.  They are usually satisfied with delivering you the functionality that you have asked for.  What they’ll not take accountability for is your sites performance in the search engines nor it’s sales revenue or conversions.  We do.

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Maintenance & Support

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Google makes over 200 algorithm tweaks and changes every year, some large – some small.  Ongoing maintenance & support will ensure your site stays aligned with Google’s latest updates.  Our support contracts will give you peace of mind that your site stays aligned with Google’s latest alorithms and rankings factors so your sites rankings don’t slip over time in the search engines.

What our clients think.

They provide innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to achieving an even better ROI in the future. The service they provide is second to none and the results so far impressive.


In just 8 weeks we have already seen a 22.6% increase in organic traffic and nearly a 30% increase in Google organic revenue; so far we’re very happy with the results!


Integrity Search have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone.

PIXA PRINTS, Glenn Sands

Working with Kristin and the Integrity Search Team have already elevated our success across the platforms within such a short period of time. We are confident the growth will only continue to excel and very happy to be trusting our business to such a professional and hands on company!


At a time of many simultaneous developments on our site, the team at Integrity Search understood our requirements from the very first day and some of the main challenges we had have been improved considerably. So far, I’m happy with the active hands-on approach and results should keep following.

SKANDIUM, Juan Castells
Thankfully, the days of being assigned copious amounts of account managers and having to use an impersonal and time consuming ticketing system have gone, working with Integrity Search means dealing directly with Kristin and his expert team of marketers in a speedy, insightful and impactful manner. If growth is your main business objective, then Integrity Search really is incomparable to any other Digital marketing company/web designers we have ever dealt with and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Kristin & his team at Integrity Search have a deep and meaningful understanding of the UK property sector and the digital marketing issues and problems we face as a business in 2018. They have consulted on and executed many campaigns for Chase Evans over the last last few years that have helped us achieve many our digital goals and objectives.
CHASE EVANS, Andrew Truskett - International Sales Director

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