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The Situation

Elanic is a modern cosmetic surgery in heart of Glasgow city center ran by owner, Medical Director and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Vivek Sivarajan (Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS).  Vivek specialises in cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction, skin cancer and laser surgery and was previously an NHS Plastic Surgeon, before leaving the NHS a few years ago to start the Elanic Clinic. Vivek has numerous research publications and presentations, a research degree, is a published author and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and is on the GMC Specialist Register as a Plastic Surgeon. The business currently has around 20 staff.


The Challenge

We have worked with Vivek for nearly 5 years even prior to the opening of his Elanic surgery back in 2013.  Until the opening of his surgery; we managed a just local search marketing campaign; generating ‘breast implant’ leads from across the Glasgow area when Vivek was working privately out of the NHS hospitals nearby.  When Vivek took the decision to leave the NHS and set up his own practice – we were challenged with designing and executing a new search marketing campaign that would optimise his newly built website enough to generate sufficient leads and conversions for all of the procedures that he was able to perform to help sustain and grow his new brand and business venture.

With a proven track record of delivering significant ROI for Vivek over the years, we were given ‘carte blanche’ to invest in whatever channels were necessary in order to help the business grow and profit from search and social in the quickest time possible.

Elanic BCIQ

Creativity & Implementation

Initially we set about analysing their new responsive website – as with 99% of all websites built by specialist web designers; they’re built to look great but hardly ever built to maximise exposure in the search engine results pages (SERPs) by satisfying high level technical SEO requirements set out in Google’s quality guidelines for design, technical and content; nor are they built to maximise conversions.  Nearly all web development companies are bothered how your site looks – not how it will perform once they have delivered functionality and design as requested by you the owner – not by SEO and search marketing experts who understand how to get a website performing once it has gone live.  If only companies would come to us first before having a new website built.

After re-engineering their new site in line with necessary guidelines and algorithms; we set about identifying the size of Elanic’s organic and paid search market across the whole of Scotland not just Glasgow by producing detailed reports, audits and analysis.  The size of the potential market was vast.

After optimising their site for every service and procedure they offered, we built an advanced PPC & Remarketing campaign that would generate leads and convert profitably from all over Scotland as people are prepared to travel for a high quality and reputable service.

In order to build domain authority (DA) a content and social media marketing strategy was designed to attract links from some of the world’s biggest websites (with the highest domain authorities) whilst gaining mass social media exposure and brand awareness.  Elanic has a very very clearly defined demographic and target market which makes our creative job a little easier.  We used a mixture of written; infographic and interactive content to expose the brand and attract exceptionally high value links which have continued to grow year on year as we aim to produce content that ‘never dies’.  The Breast Cancer Information Interactive Quiz and How To Self Check For Breast Cancer are two prime examples of this.

With expert and advanced conversion tracking trough bespoke dashboards in Google Analytics and extremely detailed in-house ‘off-line’ conversion tracking managed by ourselves – we have been able to deliver an extremely profitable search marketing campaign meeting all cost per acquisition (CPA) and ROI targets.

The closeness of our working relationship allows us to meticulously manage a campaign based on the most detailed information level possible in terms of number of leads generatednumber of leads converted to consultations and – number of consultations converted to procedures.

Unmasking Cancer

(as featured in The Telegraph)

Results Achieved

Lead To Consultation Rate = 42%

Consultation Rate to Procedure Rate = 55%

Monthly Revenue ROI = 689%

Client Testimoninal

“We have been with Integrity for 5 years now and they have consistently shown year on year growth of our website. When we decided to overhaul the website, Integrity oversaw this and ensured that Google position only fell temporarily and quickly exceeded expectations. We have subsequently seen a doubling in sales over the past 12 months with the majority of clients engaging with our website”

Vivek Sivarajan – Consultant Plastic Surgeon

North East Business Awards Teesside Finalist 2015
North East Business Awards Teesside Winner 2015
Google Shopping Campaign Management
Google Shopping Campaign Management

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