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Google AdWords Grants For Non-Profit Organisations;

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What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad grants is a monthly ’in-kind’ budget ($10,000 – $40,000) given free of charge, to eligible ‘non-profit’ organisations to help change the world.  These grants help ‘charitable’ and ‘non-profit’ organisations increase worldwide exposure of their cause on Google with the aim of recruiting more volunteers and receiving more charitable donations.

What are the restrictions?

Google do have a few restrictions so setting up a campaign can be tricky.  These include; 1 – your ads must be text based only (no videos or images are allowed). 2 – Ads can only appear in the search results pages (SERPs) . 3 – your maximum cost per click for any given keyword must not exceed $2 per click. 4 – you will receive $10,000 (up to $40,000 for Grantspro participants) of ‘in-kind’ of advertising per month.

These grants help significantly increase the amount of targeted traffic to your organisations website helping you significantly increase the exposure of your cause.  This is a fantastic ‘in-kind’ gift from Google that should be taken full advantage of.  Here at Integrity Search; we have a specialist team that has a vast amount of experience in managing these budgets for many types of charities.

Global Visibility

If required; these grants can give your cause global exposure on Google or simply here in the UK.

Recruit More Volunteers

Increasing the exposure of your cause will help you engage with and recruit more volunteers to it.

More Donations

Communicating the message to the right audience will help you attract more donations to your cause.

Conversion Tracking Anlaysis

Google Analytics conversion tracking will allow us to monitor the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns.

A few of the charities that have benefited from these grants…

Google AdWords Grants For Non-Profit Organisations


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