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iSOur SEO Training, Consultancy & SEO Support Services have been designed to meet the needs of an ever changing digital marketing environment in the workplace. Based in the North East of England; as well as servicing local clients across Middlesbrough & Stockton-on-Tees – we are able to provide our SEO training, consultancy & SEO Support Services to clients across the whole of the UK. Over the last few years – we have seen more and more of our clients invest in their own ‘in-house’ digital marketing departments in terms of manpower so we have developed a service that give business owners ‘peace of mind’ that no matter what the ‘skill-set’ of the individual or team is – there will always have a ‘guiding hand’ and ‘safety net’ to call on for strategy, help and support.

Who is This Service For?

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Our specialist, bespoke and tailored services are designed to provide high level training, consultancy and support for companies who have chosen to manage their SEO in-house. More often than not, companies are bringing a member of staff or team on board to manage their SEO to save money on SEO agency fees. The problem is – is that business owners don’t know SEO themselves, so how can they monitor their performance or how can they be sure they are doing the right things? This is where we come in.

What is the Service?

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The service is bespoke to individual clients’ needs. You may approach us with a specific SEO problem. You may want to provide you with a strategic 12 month SEO road map for your team or an individual responsible for your SEO. You may want us to train your digital marketing department on the fundamentals of technical SEO or you may want us to assess the performance of an SEO employee. You may want us to help you with a website migration project or you would simple like us top provide you with email or telephone SEO support. Our service really depends on you the client and what your needs are. Each service is taken on a ‘case by case’ basis.

What is the Process?

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The process for the service will differ depending on your specific requirements but let’s say you wanted us to provide a member of staff or your team with 12 month strategic SEO road-map the process would be as follows:

Step 1 – Analyse

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Before we took on any client – we would need to assess, analyse and understand your current SEO situation. We would audit and analyse your full website providing the business with a detailed health-check report of your current standing with the search engines.

Step 2 – Identify

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We will highlight all of the technical issues that were hindering your sites performance in the search engines. We’d provide the business with a detailed list of all of the technical issues that need fixing on the website. We would split these issues down into order of priority; High, Medium & Low severity.

Step 3 – Support

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We would provide email and telephone support (during office hours) helping your member of staff or team fix the issues.

Step 4 – Report

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We would provide the business with very detailed reports on a monthly basis so that you can analyse the performance of the SEO work performed on the site.

This is just the beginning

This is just a sample process of one aspect of the SEO training, consultancy or SEO support services that we offer. Please feel free to get in touch via email or call me personally on 0164 2927 769 and discuss your specific requirements with me personally.

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What our clients think.

They provide innovative and creative ideas and we are looking forward to achieving an even better ROI in the future. The service they provide is second to none and the results so far impressive.


In just 8 weeks we have already seen a 22.6% increase in organic traffic and nearly a 30% increase in Google organic revenue; so far we’re very happy with the results!


Integrity Search have consistently proved to be a company who deliver a ‘no nonsense’ and ‘credible service’ which we would recommend to anyone.

PIXA PRINTS, Glenn Sands

Working with Kristin and the Integrity Search Team have already elevated our success across the platforms within such a short period of time. We are confident the growth will only continue to excel and very happy to be trusting our business to such a professional and hands on company!


At a time of many simultaneous developments on our site, the team at Integrity Search understood our requirements from the very first day and some of the main challenges we had have been improved considerably. So far, I’m happy with the active hands-on approach and results should keep following.

SKANDIUM, Juan Castells
Thankfully, the days of being assigned copious amounts of account managers and having to use an impersonal and time consuming ticketing system have gone, working with Integrity Search means dealing directly with Kristin and his expert team of marketers in a speedy, insightful and impactful manner. If growth is your main business objective, then Integrity Search really is incomparable to any other Digital marketing company/web designers we have ever dealt with and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Kristin & his team at Integrity Search have a deep and meaningful understanding of the UK property sector and the digital marketing issues and problems we face as a business in 2018. They have consulted on and executed many campaigns for Chase Evans over the last last few years that have helped us achieve many our digital goals and objectives.
CHASE EVANS, Andrew Truskett - International Sales Director

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