Overall Site Revenue % Increase

Paid Search Revenue % Increase

Organic Search Revenue % Increase

The Situation

Turnbull and Thomas are a recently established retailer of modern and contemporary furniture. Based in Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees which is the location of their showroom, they are predominantly an online retailer. Although they only have a short history they have managed to secure a number of fantastic contracts with some of the biggest names in furniture including Voyage Maison, Coach House and Gallery Direct. Due to their status as a predominantly online business they understood there need to be involved with a full service digital marketing company.

Turnbull & Thomas Case Study

The Challenge

Being a new player in the furniture market Turnbull & Thomas where looking to establish themselves in one of the most competitive industries on the internet. The challenge was to establish an online foundation for the business which could be used as a platform for them to build and grow into competing with some of the biggest retailers in the furniture industry. The platform which they came to us with had a lot of issues which would need to be addressed if they objectives were to be achieved.

Creativity & Implementation

Through word of mouth and our reputation as ‘e-commerce business growth specialists’ Turnbull and Thomas approached us with their ideas, their brand new e-commerce platform and their online business growth objectives. Like with all of our clients, we provided them with a detailed audit, health check, and diagnostics of their current situation in order to assess;

  1. Where are they now?
  2. Where do they want to be?
  3. How are they going to get there?

Technical SEO – our first task was to assess their existing platform and where it stood in relation to Google’s Quality Guidelines, Ranking Factors & Algorithms.  We’ve worked with almost every e-commerce platform out there and we’re yet to come across one that we haven’t been able to increase it’s exposure in the search engines as a result of fixing technical SEO issues that are inherent within its system architecture.

Over a period of time we re-engineered the following:

1 – a ‘non conflicting’ keyword strategy that significantly increased the crawlability and indexability of 1000’s of category, sub-category and product pages.

2 – On-page optimisation – each page of the site was then optimised at every possible level to ensure their maximum possible position in the SERPs including; meta titles, meta descriptions, H1-H6 titles,  product description content, URL structures and ALT=tag optimisation.

3 – Canonicalisation issues - their platform made no consideration for products in multiple categories so it was necessary to map out a site wide canonicalisation strategy that prevented product page ‘canibalisation’ ensuring no product pages were penalised and removed from Google’s index.

4 - Web Migration - After fixing as many issues as we could with their current platform, Turnbull and Thomas decided move to our own IntegrityCommerce platform. The main reasons for this was that they required a more reliable platform with an improvement checkout journey. This meant us moving over 3000 urls onto a new platform without losing the rankings, link equity and Google AdWords quality scores for any of the pages. We successfully migrated the whole site to the new platform and have seen the site go from strength to strength since making the switch with record back to back sales months achieved in the first two months on the new platform.

5 – Link Detox Project - Some of the early links picked up by the site left it vulnerable to a Google penalty either via the Penguin update or via a manual action from Google. In all we dealt with 60 links which were potentially harmful to the link profile of the website.

Paids Search – When we took over the paid search account it had been running for a while.. Unfortunately the campaigns that were running and overall structure excluded the majority of products that Turnbull & Thomas sold.

Google Shopping – The first task was to structure the shopping campaigns so that every product that was available for sale was searchable on Google.

An all products shopping campaign was created with each brand having it’s own ad group. Within the ad group products were subdivided by product type and then subdivided further into individual item ID’s.

Doing this allowed control of bids at individual item level. It allowed us to maximize impression shares on products with a positive ROI and bid down or exclude items that did not perform.

Budget was limited at first which is always a challenge however using this method we were able to identify brands with the best ROI. Once these brands were established they were excluded from the all products shopping campaign and given their own campaigns and crucially their own budgets.

This allowed us to further maximize the impression shares ensuring brands with positive ROI were not limited by budget. It also allowed us to concentrate on rank and improving the percentage of potential searches lost through poor rank.

Throughout this process negative keywords were regularly implemented to reduce wastage. These negative keywords are not necessarily irrelevant and are often keywords that were simply too generic and high cost with very few or no conversions.

As well as the technical structure of the account we had many meetings regarding strategy and crucially price of the products. Recognising the importance of price in a crowded Google shopping market place was instrumental in the success of the campaigns.

Text Ad’s – Despite google shopping taking up the lion’s share of the budget we recognised the importance of using text ad’s in a sensible, cost effective way that would add to revenue and positive ROI.

It was decided that the best way to do this was to target Turnbull & Thomas’ popular brands such as Voyage Maison. We currently have 3 brands targeted with brand related keywords “Voyage Maison Furniture” or “Voyage Maison Tables” for example.

These keywords each have targeted brand ad’s that use ad extensions to their advantage.

Doing this allowed us to use the limited text ad budget in a cost effective way that delivers further positive ROI to the account.

Results Achieved

Thanks to our combined SEO and PPC campaigns as well as well as the migration onto the IntegrityCommerce platform Turnbull & Thomas have seen significant growth across all of their online channels:

513.68% increase in overall site sessions

1,226.06% increase in overall site revenue

224% increase in organic search sessions

787.28% increase in organic search revenue

1,214.35% increase in paid search sessions

3,149.50% increase in paid search revenue

118.40% increase in direct sessions

674.45% increase in direct revenue


“Having sourced a new company to take on our PPC & SEO contract, we could not be happier. In such a short time frame the results are very reassuring in every aspect and I just wish we had found Kristin and the Team a few years earlier. Every detail is covered and reported on, and the proof in the pudding is our results which are above my expectations. We have now decided to let Kristin take on our New Web Development tasking and we have no worries he will deliver in spades. The team are committed to making a difference and you feel its more than just a job to them, every member of Integrity are highly knowledgeable in their field and give you confidence you are in the best hands. The difference from our last company is off the scale to be honest and we feel the future is very bright for us. Only advice I could give is no need to look elsewhere.”

Terance Turnbull – Director