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A typical web design company will build you a website according to the brief you have given them and with the functionality you have requested. When it comes to how well a site performs in the search engines – businesses turn to digital marketing agencies to help them improve rankings, traffic and conversions because website designers never take responsibility for the performance of your website in the search engines once they go live. We do.

We have been technically re-engineering websites to improve their performance since we started back in 2010. It’s the first phase of search engine optimisation and accounts for around 50% of the SEO process.  Google has over 200 known ranking factors and it starts with your website’s design.

We have turned the ‘website design’ process on its head and have developed a platform (using WordPress) that is technically aligned with Google’s latest algorithms, quality guidelines and ranking factors.  It’s called AAPTM – Algorithm Aligned Platform.  We think about performance in the search engines first and then design second.   Why wouldn’t you?  That’s what a website is for isn’t it?

Most web design companies will say that their websites are ‘SEO friendly’.  What on earth does that mean?  Every website in the world has the ability to be optimised regardless of what technology it is built in.  It’s the people who are designing and building it that will make a difference to how well it performs in the search engines.

Web designers are web designers; they are not SEO experts – we are – which is why we have developed a web platform that will perform in the search engines from day one.  Why pay for a website and then have to pay again for it to be optimised?

Algorithm Alignment

We'll align your website with Google's latest algorithms, technical quality guidelines and ranking factors.

Responsive Design

Your site's design will adapt to whatever desktop, mobile or tablet device its is accessed from.

Bootstrap Technology

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Social Media Integration

Your design will seamlessly integrate with your social media channels to provide social signals and brand mentions to Google which will help your SEO.

Integrated Blog

Attract high quality links to help your rankings by publishing brillant and engaging content on your blog.

Bespoke Design

We'll custom build each site to your specific requirements and brand guidelines.

Optimised Page Templates

Maximise conversions with our optimised page layouts and designs.

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing maintenance & support will ensure your site stays aligned with Google's latest updates.

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